June 19, 2014

Poultry sector consumes the most feed

For 2013, Alltech assessed the compound feed production of 130 countries through information obtained in partnership with local feed associations and Alltech’s sales team, who visit more than 28,000 feed mills annually. The findings from 2013 reveal a one percent increase in the feed industry with a global feed tonnage of 963 million metric tonnes, up from 954 million metric tonnes last year (plus one percent). This modest increase was likely influenced by droughts in more than 30 countries worldwide in 2012, which, in turn, drove up the price of raw feed materials. The highest average cost of feed was experienced in Asia, averaging around $524 (€387) per ton for pig finisher diets and around $480-$550 (€355-407 ) for chicken finisher diets. However, the final months of 2013 saw a significant drop in feed prices in Asia, a trend which could continue into 2014 and result in a year of recovery and perhaps even growth ahead. Read More

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