December 27, 2012

Safeway surpasses cage-free egg goals

On Dec. 18, Safeway Inc. said it became the first major grocery retailer in the United States to make a national commitment to Certified Humane cage-free eggs and surpassing its sourcing and sales goals for cage-free eggs in the process.

Safeway launched an initiative with existing suppliers in 2008 to have all Lucerne Cage-Free and O Organics shell eggs sourced from Certified Humane farms. Then in 2010, Safeway set a goal of increasing sales of cage-free eggs from 6 percent to 12 percent of the shell-egg category by 2012. At present, more than 15 percent of overall egg sales in the category are cage-free eggs. The company also added the Open Nature label to the Certified Humane program this year. Safeway plans to continue to expand the campaign as their customers respond to the initiative. Read More 

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