January 31, 2014

Southern California Egg Cooperative, Inc. announces the addition of new cooperative members and the expansion of operations

Southern California Egg Cooperative, Inc. announced today that it is expanding its membership and operations as it prepares to directly market its eggs to Southern California retailers. It is the cooperative’s goal to be the primary source for fresh, locally produced, compliant shell eggs for Southern California consumers and retailers after implementation of new state housing standards and food safety regulations on January 1, 2015. “We are pleased to be expanding our cooperative as we move into a new era with a new business model,” stated John Demler, the cooperative’s chairman. “The Board of Directors has accepted membership of four additional egg farming families that share our goal of supplying fresh, high-quality and safe eggs. This will enhance our ability to service the needs of Southern California’s retailers and consumers.” The expanded cooperative will add the production of several million conventional hens plus one million hens producing cage free and organic eggs.  Read More

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