June 19, 2014

Temporary workers, paid sick days, back wages lead California labor priorities

Paid sick days. Tougher penalties for employers who withhold back wages. More liability for corporations that use subcontractors. The priority list of organized labor, a formidable force in the Legislature, begins with these three items. In the recurring rhetoric of business vs. labor, the measures either protect workers or destroy work. The measures sit on the “job killer” list, published each year by the California Chamber of Commerce, that previews where business interests will play defense against the Democratic-controlled Legislature. All three have emerged from the Assembly and are advancing through the Senate. “I think all three bills are broad mandates on all business in California that will significantly increase California employers’ costs, the threat of litigation and the health of our economy,” said Jennifer Barrera, a lobbyist for the California Chamber of Commerce. Read More

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