March 24, 2014

“The Chicken ‘Miracle'”

Mike Brown, President, National Chicken Council, responds to NY Times op-ed column

To the Editor:

Re “The Unhealthy Meat Market” (column, March 13):

Nicholas Kristof is right – no one wants to return to a time when chicken cost $6.48 a pound. Especially the chickens. That’s because if we reverted back to raising them the way we did in 1930, while trying to feed 195 million more people, 1.6 billion chickens would die on the farm from things like disease and predators.

Farmers don’t want to return to then either. Poultry contracts are an important part of the rural farm economy, contributing year-round, stable income isolated from the vagaries of weather and commodity markets. In reality, today’s chicken farmers are more economically viable than ever before. Read More

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