July 25, 2016

The tipping point for antibiotics in broiler production

As scrutiny of antimicrobial use increases around the world, is it possible the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture will come to an end in the near future?
That’s one question a panel of poultry industry experts fielded at the Poultry Science Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans. During a July 12 symposium on antibiotic use, Dr. Randolph Mitchell, vice president of technical services at Perdue Farms Inc.; Dr. G. Donald Ritter, director of health services at Mountaire Farms Inc.; and Dr. David Wicker, vice president of live operations, at Fieldale Farms Corp., shared their attitudes toward antibiotic use and how things might change in the future. A member of the audience asked the panel if they thought the industry was at a “tipping point” on antibiotic use.  Read More

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