January 7, 2013

Two CPF leaders step down from the board of directors

Two CPF leaders step down from the board of directors

bobrichardTwo of California poultry’s most dynamic and inspirational leaders recently have withdrawn from the California Poultry Federation (CPF) board of directors after many years of commendable service. Because of their hard work and dedication to CPF and its mission, they have left behind an organization that is successful, engaged and results oriented. Both of these leaders encouraged CPF members to direct their efforts in marketing poultry products that California and U.S. consumers not only wanted, but could be proud of, including the development of animal welfare programs, which is top-of-mind in animal agriculture.

Richard Zacky has left the CPF board after almost 20 years of successful leadership, serving a number of years on the Executive Committee and at least two terms as Chairman. As the Zacky poultry company will soon find new ownership, Richard will maintain ownership of the established feed business. He and his wife, Kathy, have provided leadership for the California Poultry Federation, and established many meaningful relationships among our leaders in Sacramento and Washington, DC. Thanks to their efforts, the California poultry industry is better off today than when they first joined the organization. We congratulate them on their new ventures and the many opportunities that lie ahead. We expect them to be available for consultation as business partners but also as friends of our industry.

Another long time board member and former Chairman of the Board Bob Shipley also left the organization, officially retiring from Squab Producers of California in early January. He leaves behind a legacy of leadership and was, without a doubt, the most active small poultry company leader this organization has ever seen. Whether it was Washington, DC, Sacramento or Atlanta, Shipley was on hand to promote the niche poultry market for his squab company, along with many other CPF chicken, turkey and duck companies that reach a unique market. He fought with USDA over issues that helped small companies, and went to bat for anyone who needed support, whether they were his competitors or not. While Bob wasn’t afraid to take the lead on any effort, he was also okay standing back and helping others move forward. He and wife Kathy will soon be living in the Palm Springs area where they also plan to consult and work with poultry members in the coming years.

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Bob Shipley, second from right Richard Zacky, far left

While we know the much appreciated work and friendship of these two members will be missed, we expect them to be close enough to support California poultry interests when needed. I would never hesitate to bring them out of retirement for a trip to Sacramento or Washington, DC if necessary. They deserve a hearty round of applause!!!

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