June 30, 2014

US Chicken Producers: Trade agreements should provide both access and enforcement

With the Obama administration actively negotiating new free trade agreements with Asia and Europe, National Chicken Council advisor Kevin Brosch testified before the Senate Committee on Finance today about the effectiveness of the enforcement of any new agreements and the trade agreements the United States already has on the books. “We are generally supportive of all major initiatives to promote free trade, but we must make sure both our existing agreements and new agreements provide not only strong market access but also adequate means to enforce that access,” Brosch said in testimony before the Senate Committee on Finance at today’s hearing: Trade Enforcement: Using Trade Rules to Level the Playing Field for U.S. Companies and Workers. “In our view, the prosecution of the China antidumping case before the World Trade Organization (WTO) represents U.S. trade policy at its best; enforcing those trade rights for which we already have negotiated,” Brosch said. Read More

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