January 17, 2020


Silver Bullet Water Treatment provides customers with the best water management solutions for their poultry production facilities to aid in disease prevention and loss reduction. With a wide selection of non-chemical, liquid chemistry and hybrid solutions at our disposal, Silver Bullet can manage poultry drinking water to effectively reduce bacteria and biofilm; oxidize manganese and iron in the water; and disrupt scaling on poultry hydration equipment. Through Silver Bullet’s custom solutions for each poultry farm we serve, Silver Bullet also has been able to positively impact odor and taste in the water, leading to birds consuming more water during all production stages. For highly challenged water, Silver Bullet will work with the farmers and farm managers to develop a water management plan that will best fit the budget and needs of the customer. All Silver Bullet Water Treatment poultry drinking water solutions are backed by service guarantees and ongoing evaluation of water quality to continually give our customer’s an advantage over their competition.

For sales, service or any other questions about how Silver Bullet Water Treatment can solve the poultry drinking water quality issues on your farm, please contact:

Doug White

Director of Livestock Drinking Water Sales & Business Development

[email protected] 719-989-0351

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