May 27, 2021

What came first, the chicken or the … myth?

It’s no secret that chicken is a huge part of our everyday lives. Available on pretty much any menu in any restaurant, there’s no shortage of this delicious protein rich meat. But how do we get so much chicken? Why is it so tasty? Why are some chickens bigger than others? The myths around production in the poultry sector have swirled for decades, but a lot of popular myths just won’t die. So it’s important to delve into the actual facts about chickens and to send the myths about poultry out to pasture.

Here are the top five myths about chickens that need to be debunked:

1. They’re pumped full of hormones. False, false, false! Chickens and bigger and juicier today as a result of better science, health, and genetics. Hormones have not been used in the poultry world for around 70 years. Why? They’re just no needed. For more info, this article from the University of Georgia explains seven reasons why chickens are not given hormones. Whenever you read a chicken label that says, “no added hormones or steroids,” read the asterisk and fine print: *federal law strictly prohibits the use of hormones and steroids in poultry. It totally doesn’t exist and is just a marketing label designed to steer you away from a competitor’s identical food product. Read more