Independent Backyard Flock Program


All flockowners, no matter how small or large a flock of birds, can join the NPIP program. While most California NPIP participants consist of large commercial producers, the NPIP has categories that do include small hobby flocks, exhibition birds and game birds. The California Health Board, a non-profit organization and under the California Poultry Federation, manages the NPIP program in California. Because CPHB is non-profit, fees are essential to operate the program. Additionally, each state has the freedom to run their NPIP program in a manner that fits their needs.


CPHB does not have a backyard “tester” program, thus many small backyard flocks join as Independent Flocks. This means the flockowner is responsible for all costs of the program.  A special Small Backyard Flock program has been established to educate flockowners about biosecurity and management of small flocks. This program is subsidized by the CPHB while we continue to receive special funds for Avian Influenza monitoring. This program only is available to small flocks of 100 or fewer birds. All participating flocks must test for Pullorum-Typhoid and Avian Influenza. Currently, there is a wait list of those wishing to be accepted to the subsidized program as there is a cap on the number of participants.

Joining the Program

Many small flockowners join NPIP as an independent flock in addition to adding their name to the subsidized wait list. We help independent owners navigate the steps in joining. We also help reduce flockowner costs by supplying the materials needed for blood testing. We also understand your frustration with getting started and the expenses entailed.


If your goal is to ship hatching eggs and day-old chicks, joining NPIP is the right decision. We appreciate your concern in “doing it right” and with disease control.

Step 1

Download and Review the program instructions Click Here!

Step 3

Make a budget for your plan including all costs


Click here! to view a Sample Cost Budget Breakdown.

Step 2

Find a private licensed veterinarian or vet tech to complete required blood draws for testing.

All testing must be completed on site (ie; backyard, site location, small ranch). BIRDS ARE NOT TAKEN TO AN ANIMAL HOSPITAL OR VETERINARY CLINIC FOR TESTING!

Click Here! to view Private Veterinarians who treat poultry.

Step 4

Submit the Checklist Online form and wait to receive the Signature Form and return to the CA Poultry Health Board.

Click Here!

*$125 Annual Fee with a completed Signature Form.

Make check payable to California Poultry Federation

For more information or questions on any part of the NPIP program, please contact Monica Della Maggiore or Art Razo at (209) 576-6355 or by Email [email protected] and [email protected].

Helpful Additional Information

Please click on the following link for Spanish:

CDFA Avian Health Program (this website from the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture is filled with lots of good information)

California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory (CAHFS)

NPIP (the national NPIP website)