January 13, 2020

What consumers look for on a food label

Old labels, new labels, one label, two labels – whatever the format consumers remain interested in the content of the foods they eat, and Nutrition Facts Labels remain the primary source of this information, with nearly 90 percent of consumers saying they read the labels, according to The NPD Group. Sugars and calories are the top two items consumers look for on the labels, NPD Group reported in its “Health Aspirations and Behavioral Tracking Service,” with 57 percent of consumers looking for sugars and 45 percent saying they look to the labels for information on calories. Both items were updated with the new labeling rules that came into force on Jan. 1 for companies with annual sales of at least $10 million. Calories are now in larger and bolder type, and the label “Added Sugars” is now require.  Read more

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