28 JAN

Over 20,000 Attendees and 900 Exhibitors at the International Poultry Expo and International Feed Ex

The 2011 International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo drew over 20,000 poultry and feed industry leaders from all over the world. In addition, the show had over 900 exhibitors, almost a 12% increase from last year. Sponsored by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and the American Feed Industry Association, the annual Expo is the world’s largest poultry and feed industry event of its kind.



"We were excited about the number of exhibitors and attendees on the exhibit floor," said 2011 USPOULTRY chairman Gary Cooper, Cooper Farms, Oakwood, OH. "We were up in numbers in both areas from last year. We are very pleased with the great turn-out for this year, and the excitement on the floor has been tangible."


The large exhibit floor was the central attraction. Exhibitors presented the most current innovations in equipment, supplies, and services utilized by industry firms in the production and processing of poultry, eggs, and feed products. Many companies use the annual event to introduce their new products. All phases of the poultry and feed industry were represented, from live production and processing to further processing and packaging.


Complementing the exhibits, a variety of education sessions kept industry management informed on current issues. Renewed from 2011, the Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit examined the challenges and solutions of environmental stewardship. Industry keynote speaker Donnie Smith, CEO and president of Tyson Foods, shared his firm’s sustainability philosophy and described the four “Ps” of sustainability for Tyson as people, planet, products and profits.


New for this year, the Hatchery-Breeder Clinic discussed rising hatching costs, along with a variety of other time-sensitive topics. Also new for this year, the Salmonella and Campylobacter Reduction Conference drew a large crowd and reviewed changes in industry practices and shared updates on research and policy initiatives.


Another popular program for 2011, the Market Intelligence Forum, was also renewed this year. Mike Donohue, Agri-Stats, Dr. Paul Aho, Poultry Perspective, and Jim Sumner, USAPEEC, reviewed what is ahead in 2011 for the poultry industry.


The College Student Career Program attracted 285 students from 23 universities throughout the United States. The graduating students interview for jobs and internships with industry and allied firms. And they visit the exhibit floor to see the real-time technology used in today’s poultry industry.


New product launches, organization meetings, TechXChange, publisher-sponsored programs, the Pet Food Conference, technical sessions on a variety of industry-specific topics, and once-a-year networking opportunities made the International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo the place to be.



U.S. Poultry & Egg Association is an all-feather organization representing the complete spectrum of today’s poultry industry, with a focus on serving member companies through research funding, education, communication, and technical assistance. Founded in 1947, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association is based in Tucker, GA.



21 JAN

E15 Decision “Another Giveaway to Ethanol Interests,” National Chicken Council Says

A spokesman for the National Chicken Council said today that the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to allow 15 percent ethanol in motor gasoline for older-model cars and light trucks is “another giveaway to the ethanol interests” that could lead to higher food prices due to increased demand for corn, the principal feedstock for ethanol.

“EPA’s decision is another giveaway to the ethanol interests and again demonstrates EPA cannot or will not balance the broad national interests on this issue,” said Bill Roenigk, senior vice president and chief economist for NCC.

“E15 may be good for ethanol producers and corn farmers, but it is clearly detrimental to all other interested parties,” he added. “To the extent EPA and the ethanol industry actually manage to force more ethanol into the nation’s motor gasoline, they will put even more pressure on the already very tight supply of corn. When consumers ask why their food costs are higher, it will be difficult for EPA to explain that today’s decision had no impact on the food shopper’s dollar,” Roenigk said.

Chicken producers are major users of corn, which has more than doubled in price in recent years as the federal ethanol mandate has kicked in. EPA’s decision today responded to a petition from Growth Energy, an association of ethanol producers.

The National Chicken Council represents integrated chicken producer-processors, the companies that produce and process chickens. Member companies of NCC account for more than 95 percent of the chicken sold in the United States.

17 JAN

Companies Invited to Apply for Safety Recognition

Poultry industry facilities with outstanding safety programs are invited to apply for recognition under the Joint Poultry Industry Safety Award Program, it was announced here today. The program recognizes facilities that have achieved injury and illness rates below the industry average for three consecutive years through the implementation of innovative and effective programs. Poultry or egg processing plants, hatcheries, feed mills or rendering facilities that are operated by member companies of the National Chicken Council, National Turkey Federation and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association are eligible to apply.

Workplace injury and illness rates for poultry processing facilities have declined by 75 percent over a 16 year period (1994 through 2009), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Craig Wyvill, retired division chief of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Food Processing Technology Division states, “The dramatic reduction in recordable injuries and illnesses is not surprising when you consider that over the past 25 years the industry has put considerable emphasis not only on complying with safety regulations but also on proactively tackling safety challenges. The industry’s efforts have changed the way safety is handled in processing plants today.”

Award program application forms are available by clicking on the following link – application. Application forms can also be obtained on the www.poultryegginstitute.org website. The application deadline for the 2011 awards is March 1, 2011. The annual awards will be presented during the National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry, June 1-3, 2011, at the Savannah Marriott, Savannah, GA.

The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council are made up of members from the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, National Chicken Council and National Turkey Federation. Collectively, the three organizations represent 95 percent of the nation’s poultry products and employ hundreds of thousands of workers. USPOULTRY, Jan. 17