06 NOV

Animal-welfare groups clash over Proposition 12, which promises cage-free hens by 2022

Animal-welfare activists have split over an initiative on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot that would phase in requirements to provide more space for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs and calves raised for veal in California.

The dispute over Proposition 12 centers on the amount of space the measure would require for each animal, and a multi-year delay for the new standards. Some activists say the measure is inhumane because it does not give poultry and livestock enough room to live in.

Starting in 2020, it would ban the sale of eggs from hens confined to an area with less than 1 square foot of usable floor space per animal. And beginning in 2022, hens would have to be kept “cage-free,” although that could include an indoor area that provides 1 to 1.5 square feet of space for each hen as long as they can move throughout the structure.  Read more

06 NOV

2019 IPPE trade show floor continues to grow

The 2019 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) has surpassed 590,000 square feet of exhibit space and has secured more than 1,315 exhibitors with three months remaining until the show opens. This will be the largest trade show floor in IPPE’s history, covering all three halls of the Georgia World Congress Center.

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30 OCT

Agribusinesses seek to modernize global agricultural commodity trade operations

Driven by opportunities to increase transparency and efficiency for customers, global agribusinesses are turning to emerging digital technologies – including blockchain and artificial intelligence options – to reduce resource- and time-intensive processes associated with the global agricultural commodity value chain.

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) (“ADM”), Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG) (“Bunge”), Cargill, Incorporated (“Cargill”), and Louis Dreyfus Company (“LDC”) are investigating ways to standardize and digitize global agricultural shipping transactions for the benefit of the entire industry. The companies also seek broad-based industry participation to promote global access and adoption. Read more

30 OCT

Regulatory regime for cell-cultured food is on agenda for 2019

Justing repeating its choice for a preferred regulatory agency  did not sound like much of a strategy for the meat industry, and the “name game” left the cell-cultured food technologists looking a little confused.

After two -days of public meetings this week in Washington D.C., the government can claim it is getting ahead of the day when meat grown from cells grown in the lab becomes available in the marketplace alongside meat grown on the hoof.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the federal government’s top two food safety regulatory agencies, co-sponsored this week’s meetings. FDA and USDA plan to continue to cooperate and develop the regulatory structure during 2019.  Read more

30 OCT

Jamaica Broilers to invest $730m on capital projects, banking on US for growth

The Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) has budgeted $730 million for capital programmes this year, less than half of its investments last year, but in line with the previous period.  Jamaica Broilers President & CEO Christopher Levy said $250 million was spent this year on a pellet mill in the United States and $480 million on a spiral blast freezer, to be installed by the end of November.  In the previous financial year, the poultry group’s capex amounted to $1.97 billion, most of which was spent on acquiring a hatchery in the US – a market that the Jamaican company is focused on to grow its operation.  Read more

30 OCT

Foster Farms introduces Bold Bites: On-the-go, high-protein, flavor-rich chicken snacks

Leading California all-natural chicken producer Foster Farms introduces Bold Bites, a new on-the-go chicken snack inspired by bold flavors. Bold Bites are fully cooked, ready-to-eat chicken breast pieces delivering 15 grams of protein per serving. Conveniently packaged in grab-and-go, single serve pouches, the new product line includes five varieties – Cajun, Chile Verde, Korean BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, and Parmesan Garlic – and is free of hormones, artificial colors and flavors, and nitrates. Bold Bites provide a quick, stand-alone boost of energy or can be added to salads, wraps, tacos and soup to give a mouthwatering pop of bold flavor. Read more

30 OCT

How the United States can remain a world leader in agriculture

Agriculture in the United States has changed immensely in just a short amount of time. When my grandmother was a child, nearly half of the country was involved in agriculture. Farming today would be unrecognizable to her. Today, less than 2 percent of the population is producing vastly more food.

Agriculture, food, and related industries contribute nearly $1 trillion dollars to the economy, and farm exports have totaled almost $140 billion in 2017. Read more

30 OCT

Dr. Oz Today: What is new in the chicken industry

Today, 10/22/2018, on the Dr. Oz Show, Oz informs us of the new revolution in the farming and packaging of chicken making it healthier.  Now, you don’t have to rely just on fish or tuna for Omega-3.  You can buy chicken that is raised naturally with this very important source for brain and heart good health.  The demand for chicken over beef became so massive, that in order to meet the demands farmers used hormones and antibiotics to increase the size of the chickens.  This became alarming when revealed what these unnatural things can do to humans if ingested. With the current focus on eating healthier chicken and eggs, the farming industry has listened to the public and upped its game.  Read more