02 DEC

Livestock, poultry industries boost U.S. economy

The soybean checkoff talks a lot about U.S. soybean farmers’ No. 1 customers – poultry and livestock farmers. But these sectors impact more than just a soybean farmer’s profit potential. According to a recent soybean-checkoff-funded study, poultry and livestock supported 1.8 million U.S. jobs and added $19 billion in tax revenue annually to the U.S. economy. Read More     

02 DEC

Food Discoveries: Connecting our farmers and ranchers with consumers

Consumers continue to have important questions and concerns about their food. They want to know "Is the food we’re eating healthy long-term?" and "Is the planet able to sustain the amount of food we’re producing?". They also want to be sure our farmers and ranchers are feeding their own families the same food they’re growing and raising for Americans. U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) kicked off The Food Dialogues with the Town Hall in September, and just as consumers are committed to continue asking complex questions about their food, our farmers and ranchers are equally committed to continue listening and addressing their concerns from their own personal perspective and experience. While the dialogue began with our Town Hall, we know open and honest conversations should be ongoing.  Read More

21 NOV

Short supply and elevated prices common throughout protein markets

"Short supply and elevated prices are a pretty common theme throughout all protein sectors," said John Carley, VP and Senior RM for Wells Fargo Bank. He was speaking to feed ingredient purchasing managers and other poultry industry professionals who had gathered at the 2011 Grain Forecast and Economic Outlook Conference in Atlanta, GA. The conference was sponsored by USPOULTRY.


Carley provided an overview of the protein markets in his presentation, A Wall Street View of the Protein Markets. He gave a review of some of the top industry companies from all protein sectors. He concluded his presentation with a look at the food and agribusiness’ view of the protein markets. Carley commented, "The view of Wall Street, in my opinion, is strong. I think the protein sector is well positioned, both domestically and in the export markets. The broiler business has done a nice job of not relying on Russia for dark meat exports and has found other markets in which to move product."

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18 NOV

Turkeys to sell out before holidays

Turkey producers in the Golden State have been urging consumers to get their orders for Thanksgiving birds in early. Growers such as Foster Farms, Zacky Farms, Willie Bird and others expect to be sold out of fresh turkeys well before the Nov. 24 holiday.

In fact, most of the state’s fresh turkeys were already spoken for — via contracts with stores or direct sales — last week, said Bill Mattos, president of the California Poultry Federation in Modesto. "This is going to be a year when, if people want fresh turkeys, they’d better let their supermarkets know," Mattos said. "In California, fresh and natural has been our claim to fame," he said. "We haven’t seen much of a change. There are still a lot of frozen turkeys sold, but fresh is what people want in California." Read More

14 NOV

PLF suit targets EPA’s greenhouse regs for trucks, RVs and other heavy vehicles

Pacific Legal Foundation announced that it has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s greenhouse emissions standards for heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. Filed on behalf of small businesses and trade organizations whose members would be damaged by the regulations, the suit charges that federal officials were legally required to submit the regulations for independent scientific scrutiny, but failed to do so.  Read More   

14 NOV

Animals and porn: yet another off-the-wall scheme for attention

Just when you think you’ve heard it all: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has announced the launch in December of an XXX porn website. Supposedly aimed at promoting veganism and animal rights, the site will, a PETA spokesperson says, feature pornographic photos and videos, along with gruesome images of animal brutality. It’s hoped the "racy things" will enable PETA to "reach a whole new audience," says PETA’s Lindsay Rajt. The idea is to attract viewers with the porn lead-in, then hit them with images of animal mistreatment.In the process, of course, PETA expects to raise even more money for its campaigns against animal agriculture, and even animals as pets. Read More

11 NOV

Report: Industry spent millions as Congress weighed fate of subsidies

The biofuels industry has poured millions of dollars into lobbying as Congress debates whether to end a key ethanol tax credit, according to a report released yesterday by a right-leaning Washington think tank.
The group, Taxpayers for Common Sense, documents some $31 million spent on lobbying this year alone by companies and groups affiliated with the biofuels industry. The industry has also put more than $12.5 million into campaign contributions in the past three election cycles toward members of this Congress, the group also found.
Since 2004, Congress has given more than $30 billion in subsidies to the ethanol industry, TCS writes. The largest ethanol tax credit is set to expire at the end of the year, and ethanol interests are looking for other ways for Congress to boost biofuels, the group says.
"The point that we’re conveying that is there are these policies that benefit biofuel production that on their face don’t seem to really be in the best interest of taxpayers," said Mike Surrusco, a senior investigator at TCS. Read More