17 AUG

120 animal ag groups push Senate on disease response plan

A total of 120 groups representing animal agriculture are leaning on Senate farm bill conferees to fully fund a National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program. In a letter to Senate conferees, the groups argue that an outbreak of a foreign animal disease, such as foot and mouth disease (FMD) or avian influenza (AI), “has the ability to cripple the entire agricultural sector and create long-lasting ramifications for the economic viability of U.S. aquaculture, livestock and poultry production.”  Read more

15 AUG

56th Annual Good Egg Breakfast on October 11, 2018

Order your tickets now for the 56th Annual Good Egg Breakfast! This yearly event helps provide scholarships to Modesto Junior College students. As always, made-to-order omelets are the featured item and the Good Egg Award will be presented to a friend of the industry. The breakfast is sponsored by California Poultry Federation, Pacific Egg and Poultry Association, Stanislaus County Farm Bureau and the Modesto Chamber of Commerce and is held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Modesto.  Click here for a flyer with more information, or contact Sandy at CPF (209) 576-6355 or sandy@cpif.org.

10 AUG

Are meat companies giving shoppers too much information?

Consumers increasingly desire transparency in the meat they buy, but suppliers are having a hard time figuring out how much information is too much, according to The Wall Street Journal. Shoppers want to know where their chicken, beef and pork came from, how it was raised, what it was fed, and more. According to a recent Packaged Facts survey, 58% of consumers say they’re more concerned about the treatment of chickens, pigs and other food animals than they were a few years ago.

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10 AUG

FSIS Notice: Disposition instructions for “woody breast” and “white striping” poultry conditions

This notice reissues instructions previously issued in FSIS Notice 35-17, Disposition Instructions for “Woody Breast” and “White Striping” Poultry Conditions, to continue to provide disposition information for conditions occurring in the breast muscles of broiler chickens referred to as “Woody Breast or “White Striping.” Upon issuance of this notice, Public Health Veterinarians (PHVs), Inspectors-in-Charge (IICs), Front Line Supervisors (FLSs), and Supervisory Consumer Safety Inspectors (SCSIs) as appropriate are to correlate with inspection program personnel (IPP) on how to identify and verify that poultry establishments are removing trimmable inflammatory tissues that may be associated with these conditions. Read more

07 AUG

Updated Poultry Biosecurity Information Manual now available

The 2015 Biosecurity Information Manual and self-assessment checklist have been updated and posted to the www.poultrybiosecurity.org website!  Please check out the Biosecurity Information Manual and the Self-Assessment Checklist.  The manual has been updated to complement the language found in the NPIP Biosecurity Principles Program Standards. This website also has training videos, training materials and handouts in English and Spanish.

07 AUG

Save the Date: 2019 IPPE attendee registration and housing opens Sept. 17

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) will open attendee registration and general housing on Sept. 17. “We are pleased to open both housing and registration at the same time through Experient, our official registration and housing service provider. With Atlanta hosting next year’s Super Bowl, the 2019 IPPE will be held two weeks later than normal. We have therefore set Sept. 17 as the date to open registration and housing for general attendees,” the show organizers stated.

On Sept. 17, attendees interested in securing registration and housing for the 2019 IPPE (Feb. 12 – 14) should go to www.ippexpo.org and click on the registration and housing link located at the top of the webpage. Read more


Tuesday, Feb. 12: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 14: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

07 AUG

Program recruits veterinarians for farm animals

She currently operates the only veterinary mobile service in Siskiyou County focused on food animals and equine, and demand for her services continues to soar.

In a region where cattle and horses far outnumber its human residents, the dearth of large-animal vets has been a growing concern for years, rancher Jeff Fowle said. The need has been especially dire in recent years with the loss of several large-animal vets due to death, retirement and other reasons. “It makes it a challenge when emergencies do arise,” Fowle said.  Read more