June 4, 2013

Drought conditions forecast to return to the central U.S.

Harris-Mann Climatology, a long-range weather, commodity and stock forecasting service, predicts the return of drought conditions in the central U.S. within the next four to eight weeks. Harris-Mann Climatology’s annual summer outlook indicates a very good chance of drought conditions returning to the U.S. Great Plains and at least the western Midwest in June or July. According to meteorologist Randy Mann, "Sea-surface temperatures in the south-central Pacific Ocean are cooling down. Since late 2012, ocean waters were in a ‘La Nada’ or in-between the warmer El Nino and cooler La Nina sea-surface temperature event. However, a new cooler La Nina may be declared within a matter of weeks. A new La Nina often leads to drier and warmer than normal weather east of the Rockies during the spring and summer seasons, as was the case in 2012." Read More


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