August 9, 2016

Organic food fights back against ‘Non-GMO’ rival

I did a little experiment the other day. I stood outside a Whole Foods Market in Washington, D.C., with two cartons of large brown eggs. One carton had the words “Non-GMO Project Verified” on it, with a little orange butterfly. It also said cage-free. The other carton had a different label; a green and white circle with the words “USDA Organic.” One other crucial difference: the organic carton cost 50 cents more.

I asked shoppers which carton they would buy. “They both sound good,” says Anna Hansen, sounding indecisive. “If it’s non-GMO, great. If it’s USDA organic, great. I don’t know!” Then she pointed at the non-GMO carton. “This one’s a little cheaper, I guess I’d go with this one.”  Read More

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